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Tennessee Malt Beverage Association

The Process & System

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Our Distributors

The Tennessee Malt Beverage Association (TMBA) is a coalition of the state’s beer distributors working together to maximize the positive impacts of the beer industry to the benefit of Tennesseans in every community across the Volunteer state.

Since 1949, Tennessee's family-owned distributors have been delivering choice and value to Tennessee consumers and commercial, economic and regulatory value to the communities that they serve. 

They are the people driving beer trucks down your local streets and delivering beer and other beverages to neighborhood stores and bars. These independent distributors are licensed by federal, state and local governments and help brewers and importers of all sizes grow by delivering a wide selection of brands to licensed retailers through a safe, transparent and accountable regulatory system.

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Litter Grant


Over 40 years ago, the TMBA supported legislative efforts to establish a tax on their products to help fund litter prevention in all 95 Tennessee counties.

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Opportunity for Tennesseans

Throughout 46 distributor facilities across the state, Beer Distributors employee more than 3,000 Tennesseans with wages and salaries totaling more than $200 million annually.


Supporting Communities

Tennessee has the highest beer tax in the nation. Resulting in $232.5 million in total beer taxes paid by Tennesseans. $137.5 million of which is paid directly to Tennessee's cities and counties.

We're proud to represent an industry that provides opportunity and builds community through hundreds of millions in wages, salaries, and state and local taxes.

Rich Foge, President, Tennessee Malt Beverage Association

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