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Few industries have as much widespread positive impact as the state’s beer wholesalers. We support the Tennessee Litter Grant Program, provide exceptional employment opportunities and good wages, and generate tax revenue which helps fuel cities, counties, and the state. Wherever you live in Tennessee, you’ve experienced the benefits of our organization, members, and the opportunity we provide.

The effectiveness of independent distributors is a credit to the three-tier system of brewers, wholesalers, and retailers, which provides an effective system of tax collecting and remittance that ensures proper tax compliance. A thriving eco-system creates opportunity for people and community.

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Tennessee's independent beer distributors provide more than 3,000 solid jobs with good benefits to people who live and work in their communities. They do more than buy, store, sell and deliver beer. 


They are also small business owners, civic leaders, parents and philanthropists who are active in their communities. Beer distributors play a vital role in keeping the communities where they live and work safe by sponsoring a wide array of programs to promote responsible consumption, combat drunk driving and work to eliminate underage drinking. 

Beer distributors also value their role in Tennessee's independent system of alcohol regulation that works to keep communities and citizens safe, while encouraging healthy competition and a robust marketplace.

Beer Tax Benefits 

Litter Grant Impact

Jobs for Tennesseans

Beer Tax Benefits

Tennessee has the highest beer tax in the nation.

  • $232.5 million in total beer taxes paid by Tennesseans

  • $13.6 million in local wholesale beer tax revenue paid to cities and counties

  • $18.3 million in Tennessee state beer excise tax


According to the State of Tennessee, $144 million in sales tax revenue would not have otherwise been reported or counted by the State without the accountability led by the Tennessee Malt Beverage Association. Read our full tax report here.

How has your community benefited? The map below highlights the $137.6 million in Local Wholesale Beer Tax revenue paid directly to Tennessee’s cities and counties by beer distributors.

Litter Grant Impact

In 1981, the Malt Beverage and Soft Drink industry took a comprehensive, proactive approach to prevent their bottles and other trash from becoming litter along Tennessee roadways. As good corporate citizens, the industry supported legislation to establish an additional tax on their products to help fund litter prevention in Tennessee. For nearly 40 years, the program has been wildly successful as all 95 counties achieved measurable results from Litter Grant money.

In Fiscal Year 2019, Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), awarded Litter Grant contracts to county governments totaling $5.5 million. This included programs for litter pickup and recycling activities, along with educational programming.

See the full breakdown of Litter Grant success in the TDOT report, including how your county benefited.

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Jobs and Opportunity for Tennesseans

Tennessee beer distributors make a meaningful impact on the state’s economy. Championing charities and local events and employing thousands. Here’s a snapshot with 2019 numbers of how we create and support people and communities:

  • 46 distributor facilities across the state

  • More than 3,000 employees

  • More than $200 million in wages and salaries

  • $3.4 million in support of charities, local events and economic development

  • An estimated $1.8 billion in total economic impact

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